Only patience & persistence

In learning give good results

Modern technologies demand

The highest level of education

Decent education - successful carrier


Progressive Programs

Progressive Programs such as "Promise" which stands for Programme for Multi-skill Improvement & Systematic Education to enhance academic skills.

Online Education

Exchange resources and ideas through online and simultaneously improve learning by online instructions which help students academically.

Clubs & Organizations

Each student has the opportunity for the fullest possible development: academically, spiritually, morally, socially and physically through various activities.

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Seethi Sahib HSS is a pioneer institute in imparting value based education.

We focus in enriching the lives of individuals and communities through the provision of a unique brand of holistic education as an institution.

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Find allies!

Programs & Groups!

Explore Your Passion through various programs and activities.

In the process of education, it is very important to see that the student does not lose his joyfulness, his spontaneity, or his ability to be truthful without any fear.

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Funding & Resources

We are trying our level best to implement Continuous & Comprehensive Education.

The growth and progress, has been possible through the continuous support from the management & the commitment of the teaching and non-teaching staff & parents.

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